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In 3 months, will I be able to learn German?

MesajScris: 17 Aug 2022, ora 09:35
de Gurpreetsingh
In three months, you can become fluent in German. You might think that learning a language in three months is possible if you follow the advice of productivity gurus on the internet, as I once did.

German Language Classes in Pune

Re: In 3 months, will I be able to learn German?

MesajScris: 23 Mar 2023, ora 07:57
de abhishek65455
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Re: In 3 months, will I be able to learn German?

MesajScris: 28 Mar 2023, ora 09:01
de Maskinla12
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Re: In 3 months, will I be able to learn German?

MesajScris: 11 Iul 2023, ora 19:49
de venusconsultancy
Yes, it is possible to learn German in 3 months, but it will take a lot of hard work and dedication. You will need to set realistic goals, find a learning method that works for you, and be consistent with your studies. You should also immerse yourself in the language as much as possible by watching German movies and TV shows, listening to German music, and reading German books and articles.

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